Volvo Radio Code: How Can I Retrieve It And Enter It?

Volvo Radio Code Unlock

The Volvo radio code is a four-digit number that allows you to unlock your radio. Volvo cars are well-known for their innovative designs, timeless style, and long-term durability. You can be confident that just about any Volvo vehicle you purchase will last you for years to come.

To deter theft, Volvo radios have an auto-shutdown feature. When your radio loses power – whether because your battery has died or the radio was disconnected from it – the radio locks. When it is next powered and turned on, it will read "CODE," or sometimes "OFF." Until you input the Volvo radio code, you will not be able to listen to the music or the news with your radio.

This article does not include a Volvo radio code hack, but you don't need one. There are a handful of standard procedures that should allow you to recover your code and get the radio working again.

How to Enter Volvo Radio Code

When a Volvo vehicle is sold, you should get a pair of small cards with the Volvo radio code that matches your vehicle's radio. Unfortunately, humans can be a forgetful bunch, and these cards often get misplaced. Some folks are diligent about writing the number down elsewhere, but it's all too easy to simply lose the code.

If you do have the card or the code written elsewhere, then you need to make sure the radio says "CODE," at which point you can type the code in using the radio preset buttons. This should restore the radio to normal functionality.

The display on your Volvo radio may read "OFF" instead of "CODE." If you encounter this, you'll want to insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the first position. Make sure that your lights and other electricity-draining tech are turned off. Leave the radio on, however, and it should switch from "OFF" to "CODE" after a couple of hours at the most. Then, just enter the code.

Many folks have probably reached this page because they don't have the code, however. Read on if that's the case – we'll explain how to recover your Volvo radio code.

How to Unlock Volvo Radio Without Code

The header for this section is a bit of a misnomer: it's impossible to unlock the radio without your code. This article will present a couple of options for quickly recovering your radio code. First off, you can just bring the car right down to the dealership, where we can help you reset your radio.

One of the best ways to get your Volvo radio code is to reach out to a certified Volvo service center. The friendly folks working at your local Volvo dealer all have access to the same wide-ranging database that includes radio code information. You'll have to provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the radio's identifying information, and the representative should be able to share your code with you. You can access the national Volvo website and ask them, too.

Some folks prefer to avoid any back-and-forth with customer service. That's understandable – it's nice to be able to take care of things oneself. The first thing you'll want to do when looking for a radio code is to pull out the radio (there are usually tabs on both sides that have to be compressed, allowing the radio to pop out) and check for a hand-written code.

While a hand-written code arguably defeats the purpose of an anti-theft radio, technicians sometimes do this to make it easier for folks to reset their radios. If you want your Volvo car radio code unlock badly enough to be reading this page, then you probably won't begrudge the technician this anyways.

Volvo Radio Code Reset

Unfortunately, there is no string of numbers that you can punch into any Volvo radio to reset the system. You'll have to receive your Volvo radio code from VIN number when you provide that information or the radio serial number and other details to Volvo customer service.

To recap, there are a number of ways to recover your Volvo radio code. These are:

  • Call Volvo Customer Service and provide your VIN and radio identification information
  • Fill out a form on the Volvo national website, providing the above information
  • Bring your car to the dealership, where we can help you enter the code
  • Check the radio itself for a handwritten code
  • Turn up the little card that the vehicle initially shipped with that has the code written on it

New Volvo Vehicle, New Volvo Radio Code

There is perhaps one option that we left off the list above. If you're locked out of your radio, you can simply buy a new Volvo vehicle and make sure to put the code somewhere safe this time.

While this is perhaps an overreaction to losing your Volvo radio code, now is a great time to buy a new Volvo vehicle. The sweeping lineup of Volvo cars includes the sleek Volvo S90 executive sedan, the all-electric Volvo XC40 Recharge SUV, and plug-in hybrid vehicles such as the Volvo XC90 Recharge. These hybrid and all-electric vehicles can really help you and your family save some money at the pump during this time of high fuel prices.

If you're the type who really wants to customize your car to your exact preferences, then you might want to reserve your new Volvo car. Doing this lets you pick the exact trim, packages, and extras you want in your brand-new durable Volvo vehicle.

Our dealership is full of friendly and seasoned folks who can help you with just about any problem, no matter how big or small. If you need help with your Volvo radio code BOLD or anything else, then you'll want to schedule Volvo service today.


How to unlock Volvo radio without the code?

In short, you cannot unlock your radio without the Volvo radio code. This anti-theft measure prevents the radio from being used without entering the code. Luckily, there are a number of ways to recover the code if you have misplaced it. You can call your friendly local Volvo dealership, which has access to the company-wide database of radio codes. You can also submit a form on the national company website that can help you recover the code. Before you jump to either of those options, however, you'll want to pull your radio out of the dash to check for a handwritten code on it.

How do I enter the Volvo radio code?

You enter the code using the radio station preset buttons. Thus, if your code were 1643, you'd hit "radio preset 1", "radio preset 6", "radio preset 4", and then "radio preset 3." You can do this when the radio reads "CODE." Sometimes, however, your radio will read "OFF" after being disconnected from power instead of "CODE." If this happens to you, put the ignition in the first position, turn off all lights and other battery drainers, and wait an hour or two. The radio will switch from "OFF" to "CODE."

What is the code for a Volvo radio?

The Volvo radio code is a four-digit number that allows you to reactivate your radio. You'll have to do this whenever the radio is disconnected from the battery because Volvo Cars included this feature as an anti-theft measure. Each code is unique to the radio it came with; the number is not a one-size-fits-all deal. If you cannot find your radio code, reach out to your local Volvo dealership or check with the national company; both entities can help you recover the number.

How can I reset the Volvo radio code?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply reset the radio's code. You'll have to recover the radio code using one of the methods described above, or you'll have to get the radio replaced. This anti-theft feature is widely known, so it will deter thieves, making any temporary inconvenience when your battery dies well worth it in the long run.

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