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In this time of supply chain chaos and a seeming need to compromise on your next new car, the ability to custom order or reserve your Volvo vehicle of choice comes in to save the day. With a custom Volvo vehicle order at Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton, the specific vehicle you've been dreaming about can be yours without the headache. Read on to find our custom order tool and learn more about the process.

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How To Build Your Custom Volvo Car or SUV

It's easy to custom order Volvo vehicles, and you can perform it all from the comfort of your own home, with the convenience of the internet at your command. The process is easy, and it begins with you choosing the model that's on your mind in the color that strikes your fancy. Entering your contact information comes next as you reserve your Volvo vehicle, and with that step done, you will be on your way.

You will get a chance to enter any comments as you submit that information, and in that comment box, we recommend specifying the features, options, and details you want in your next vehicle.

Once you reserve your Volvo car with those custom specs, we will be in touch. We will confirm the details you submitted, and to really get into the details, you can talk to our Volvo specialists in Hampton, VA, either online, with a phone call, or in person to discover everything that you can customize with your order.

There is a true plethora of details available for you to explore and choose from, so we recommend having a sit-down chat at our dealership to take your time while surrounded by our current Volvo inventory for inspiration and our Volvo experts for advice.

When all the Volvo vehicle custom order process is said and done, you just need to sit back and relax. We will keep you continuously updated as we find the Volvo vehicle that lives up to those expectations or hear about its manufacturing status at the Volvo car factory. And if it's a factory order, we suggest learning about the availability and details of the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program; a Scandinavian vacation is included if eligible.

Reserve Your Volvo: The Benefits

As we mentioned, the main benefit you get as you reserve your Volvo car is that the vehicle will be the one that you truly want and the one that  fits your lifestyle and tastes. You get to avoid the compromise. We will walk you through every step of the way and provide updates as each step is complete.

Additionally, there is no extra cost involved. Once your custom-ordered or reserved Volvo car arrives, the process is the same as if you were purchasing a new Volvo vehicle from us as usual. Plus, there is the ability to get a high trade-in value as you buy it, and you can avoid the delays of today's typical car-shopping chaos.

With our team helping you out, there's a huge bounty of benefits when you reserve your Volvo vehicle at Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton.

Reserve Your Volvo: Models & Ideas

It's easy to reserve your Volvo model, but harder to choose which model to reserve and the custom specified details involved. In total, you can reserve a:

  • Volvo C40: The newest all-electric SUV from Volvo, this sleek masterpiece is ready for luxurious fun
  • Volvo XC40: Available as a mild-hybrid or all-electric model, the agile Volvo XC40 SUV brings great luxury value to your family
  • Volvo XC60: Either as a mild or plug-in hybrid, the Volvo XC60 is a balance of agility and spaciousness, with full luxury inside
  • Volvo XC90: The flagship full-size SUV with spectacular luxury, the mild or plug-in hybrid three-row Volvo XC90 is a work of art
  • Volvo S60: The dynamic sedan that brings sportiness and luxury to a pitch, the mild or plug-in hybrid Volvo S60 is ready for you
  • Volvo S90: The flagship sedan from Volvo Cars that defines powerful luxury, a mild or plug-in hybrid Volvo S90 goes for gold

Core, Plus, and Ultimate are the trims you can choose, and on most models, there's the Bright or Dark styling themes to explore. With packages for cold weather, added safety, and advanced technology ready for perusal, you can dial in all the specifications when you reserve your Volvo vehicle with us.

Reserve Your Volvo Today

Whether it's a Volvo XC40 Plus Dark theme with the Climate Package and Denim Blue paint or a Volvo S90 Core with the Harman Kardon® sound package and Onyx Black paint, you can reserve your Volvo model however you please. Start your order on this page, and get in touch with our Volvo specialists to start customizing all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a custom Volvo vehicle?

You can order a custom Volvo online with our easy form. Start by choosing your model and the paint color, then enter your contact information. You'll get the chance to put in a comment on the options and model details you want, and then when our Volvo ordering team gets in touch, you'll be able to work through all the intricate details that'll make it your perfect custom order Volvo vehicle.

What's the delivery time on a Volvo vehicle custom order?

The delivery time on a Volvo custom order can vary with current manufacturing shortages and other real-world factors. Oftentimes, the Volvo custom order delivery time can be between five to twelve weeks, but this estimated range can even be shorter or longer depending on the model and details involved with your order.

Can I reserve a 2023 Volvo model?

You can reserve your Volvo 2023 models today at Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton. We can help you reserve any of the 2023 Volvo models, including the 2023 Volvo C40, 2023 Volvo S60, 2023 Volvo XC90, and everything else in between. Start your reservation order on this page, and our Volvo reservation specialists will help you through the rest.

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