Volvo Safety Features, Ratings, Technology & More

Ask anybody who drives one of our cars about Volvo safety and you're sure to get a rave review. The same thing is true if you look up the Volvo safety rating from official bodies that the automotive industry trusts to measure a car's safety. Parents who need the most security possible when rolling through the pickup line and trusted voices on safety both agree that inside and out that Volvo SUVs prioritize safety. The frames of Volvo Cars models are meticulously measured, polished, and designed to keep you and your most precious passengers safe. In more recent Volvo SUV models, you'll have a suite of Volvo safety features that provide an extra set of eyes and ears whenever and wherever you need it most.

One of the ways you can maintain the high level of Volvo safety on your Volvo Cars sedan or SUV model is to schedule service at your local Volvo Cars dealership. Take care of your car often and practice safe driving habits and your Volvo safety will last a long time.

Volvo Safety Ratings for Our SUV Models

Our SUV models shine bright among their competition because they pack a wealth of Volvo safety features into cabins that are crafted with care. Each of the SUVs in our lineup has a high Volvo safety rating because they keep the driver's attention where it should be. The infotainment screen can control the entire car and give you access to multiple cameras in a couple of swipes.

Your new SUV will love taking advantage of our service specials by having fresh oil and rotated tires at the ready to create marvelous memories for your family.

Volvo XC40 Safety Rating

Industry experts give the Volvo XC40 safety rating a high grade because this crossover SUV has multiple Volvo safety features that come together for elite security inside the cabin. Four high-definition cameras come together for a bird's eye view that will make sure you have every inch of the perimeter accounted for when you're pulling close to the curb or sliding into the last spot left in a cramped parking lot. Additionally, intelligent driver-assistance technology can detect action around your vehicle - big or small, day or night.

Volvo XC60 Safety Rating

The Volvo XC60 safety rating is also high thanks to a Blind Spot Information System that eases your tensions and worries in crowded driving situations. It's sensitive enough to pick up any action around your perimeter and will update you with useful alerts and active support.

Volvo XC90 Safety Rating

Full-size safety comes with the full-size Volvo XC90, an SUV that can seat up to seven passengers. The Volvo XC90 safety rating is outstanding outright but even more in comparison to fellow large SUV models. What's more, intelligent driver-assist technology has your back wherever you roam as it can detect sudden movements from animals, cyclists, and pedestrians in an instant.

Lean On Your Local Service Department

Looking to bring the top-tier level of Volvo safety to your garage? Come by our dealership today and choose from a selection of amazing SUV models that range in fuel source and size but never in safety. All of our vehicles are created with safety at the core. Give your safety another big boost by visiting our Volvo Parts and Service Center for regularly scheduled maintenance and assistance as needed.

Your next car will enjoy a high Volvo safety rating that maintains value even as the miles pile up. If trouble happens to visit you out on the road, visit one of our Volvo Collision Center locations as soon as possible. They'll help you through the process of getting your car back up and running in tip-top shape. We'll make sure that you return to the road with confidence in a car fully repaired and ready to rock!