Pre-Owned Dodge Vehicles For Sale Near Newport News, VA

Our dealership is proud to offer used Dodge cars for sale as part of our comprehensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles. Stocking automobiles of all makes and models allows us to better serve our community here in Hampton, VA. We have bought and sold Dodge muscle cars, trucks, and used Dodge SUVs in recent years. We hope that you'll be joining the ranks of our customers who are truly satisfied with the pre-owned vehicles they have purchased from our friendly local dealership.

Used Dodge Cars for Sale Near Newport News, VA

As noted above, we offer the full lineup of used Dodge vehicles for sale. You can browse these cars here on our website or in person at our dealership. Our awesome web team has also made it possible to value your trade online so that you can have a great idea of how much you'll have to spend on a pre-owned Dodge vehicle.

Since the Dodge lineup is both expansive and impressive, we'll discuss the available vehicles below. We hope this helps you decide which durable and sporty Dodge car to purchase.

Used Dodge Challenger for Sale

One of the Dodge lineup's most impressive and well-known vehicles is the Dodge Challenger. This car is a sleek two-door that has incredible performance potential. It also looks fantastic, whether parked on your driveway or just seen briefly by folks that you pass on the highway.

We know that some people who live near Newport News, VA, are adrenaline seekers. The standard Dodge Challenger engine just is not enough for them; they have a need for speed. We're proud to offer used Hellcats for sale to those who need the extra power under their pedals. A Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a truly impressive vehicle that is at home on the track or the road.

Used Dodge Charger for Sale

Another famous entry in our lineup of used Dodge cars for sale is the Dodge Charger. This vehicle is another powerhouse, offering a throaty growl and classic style to anyone who gets behind the wheel. Your neighbors will become green with envy when you roll into the neighborhood in your newly purchased sports machine.

As with the Dodge Challenger, we strive to stock performance-oriented versions of the Dodge Charger. If you're searching for a car that can occasionally pull family duty while still being an absolute beast, a used Dodge Charger may be the vehicle for you.

Used Dodge Viper for Sale

Dodge stopped producing the Dodge Viper halo car in 2017, which caused Dodge enthusiasts around the country tremendous pain. While there are rumors of the vehicle's impending return — albeit sans the muscular V-10 engine — it is still possible to purchase one of these powerful vehicles today.

Our dealership staff in Hampton, VA, do their best to purchase amazing and rare cars like the Dodge Viper when they have the chance. Reach out to our team to find out if we have one of these sports vehicles in stock; we are also happy to work with you to find one.

Used Dodge Durango for Sale

Pre-owned Dodge Durango SUVs are perhaps some of the most popular pre-owned vehicles at our used Dodge dealership. They offer plenty of space in their cavernous interiors for your entire family and their gear. This car is also primed for adventure with its superior suspension and dynamic handling.

If you want to ferry around your passengers in luxury and style, then look no further than a used Dodge Durango. There are many reasons why the SUV is the most popular type of vehicle in the United States, and the Dodge Durango exemplifies all of them.

Used Dodge Ram 1500 for Sale

It has been more than a decade since Dodge and Ram became separate companies. They are still related, but Ram focuses on trucks and vans while Dodge creates amazing performance vehicles and the Dodge Durango SUV. Used Dodge Ram 1500 trucks are, therefore, pretty sought after, as they are no longer being made.

If you're looking for “used Dodge trucks near me,” then you're in luck: we do everything we can to keep these rare vehicles in stock. Stop by the dealership to test drive a used Dodge car today.

Pre-Owned Dodge Cars in Hampton, VA

We offer a sweeping selection of used Dodge cars for sale as part of our wide-ranging inventory. For example, we also have a great used Hyundai inventory, and you'll find even more automobiles if you check out our list of all used cars for sale.

Our staff is dedicated to customer service. We will work hard to try and get you the low-rate financing you deserve on our new and used vehicles. The sales staff is both friendly and transparent. That's because we believe in doing honest business; they won't be trying to talk you into a vehicle you don't need. Stop by our dealership and experience our dedication to customer service for yourself. Then, test-drive a used Dodge vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used Dodge Chargers reliable?

Dodge Chargers are popular vehicles that are much sought after by car enthusiasts. Once someone has gotten their hands on a vehicle as storied as the Dodge Charger, they tend to take great care of it. This means that used Dodge Chargers are often in great shape because the previous owner devoted a great deal of their time and effort to keep them in good repair. We also strive to accept high-quality vehicles that we can then repair and recondition for sale.

How much does a used Dodge Challenger cost?

This is a difficult question to answer directly. A number of factors affect the cost of a car: its age, mileage, condition, make, model, and more. We will, however, work closely with you to try to get you a great deal on a Dodge Challenger in our inventory.

Should I buy a used Dodge vehicle?

There are several compelling reasons to buy a used Dodge vehicle. Many Dodge cars are highly prized by racing enthusiasts. However, they are also just reliable, powerful choices. Getting a Dodge vehicle is also a great way to be the envy of your neighbors. When you buy a used model, you can get a lot of modern perks for a more competitive price.

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