Is Volvo Cars Considered A Luxury Car Brand?

Is Volvo A Luxury Brand

Is Volvo Cars a luxury brand? Absolutely. This authoritative page will show you how we're not only an incredible luxury brand but a superior one at that. Without question, you know Volvo Cars as a brand that's synonymous with legendary safety. We'll dive into those reasons, too. But over the years, the idea of protecting life evolved into enhancing it. That's why every benefit & every nuance of these vehicles are so special. They're not only designed to keep you safe but also to elevate your daily experience because, after all, life's too short not to focus on those values. Explore all of our New Volvo Cars, wagons, and SUVs to see what they mean, or keep scrolling for our luxurious standards.

Is Volvo Cars a Luxury Car Company? Our Standard of Excellence

Volvo Cars made its name with an outstanding reputation for safety and safety innovations. But where did all that begin? Volvo Cars was founded during the industrial age in Sweden. Over 100 years ago, the company's founders were creating products out of iron (a native natural resource) which were incredibly resilient and durable. The echo of these robust beginnings is seen on every luxurious Volvo vehicle. Our emblem is the ancient alchemical symbol for iron.

But when was there a switch? When did durability combine with comfort? Once Volvo Cars had achieved its status as a premier vehicle manufacturer known for safety, the brand had become an icon. As an enhancement to safety, luxury became a way for the brand to evolve. There have been many milestones with added leather and enhanced comfort. But there's a more alluring moment in our history. Arguably, people came to know of Volvo cars as a luxury brand when it introduced deployable rear booster seats in their vehicles. While not necessarily a high-line luxury feature, this moment marks the beginning of Volvo Cars commitment to convenience. Why carry extra equipment for your child when your vehicle can have it integrated? And the rest is history.

Is Volvo Cars a Luxury Brand? A Spotlight on My Volvo Experience

Volvo Cars is a luxury brand because it anticipates and enhances the needs of its customers. Living luxuriously implies a degree of effortlessness with your experiences day after day. With that in mind, we'll share just two (of many) offers that make Volvo Cars a luxury brand:

  • My Volvo Experience - The brand has identified what you might need as a customer. Powered by the Volvo On Call app, you can have concierge service to your door, lifetime tows, connectivity to your retailer, and of course, the ability to preset your cabin temperature before you arrive at your vehicle. There are other details, but those are just some of our favorite ways to show off Volvo as a luxury brand.

  • Overseas Delivery - Volvo Cars will fly you (plus one) to Sweden to receive your custom-ordered vehicle. You'll stay in a 5-star hotel, be treated with VIP status at the factory, and even receive two weeks' worth of the required documentation should you decide to stay and explore. Volvo Cars will ship your vehicle to your retailer once your stay is over, and they'll even include a promotional discount on the price of your vehicle. How many other "luxury brands" do you know that do that?

While those are wonderful branded benefits, let's get to why you're really here. Information about our Volvo luxury cars. More on that in the next sections.

Volvo Cars Luxury Sedans

If you're looking to see how Volvo Cars is a luxury brand with respect to our sedans, there's plenty of tangible evidence. Did you know that our luxury sedans come with standard leather seating? Or the fact that both sedans come with wireless phone charging and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto? As expected, that's usually extra with those other luxury brands. Did you know that Volvo Cars offers three-year/36k miles of complimentary maintenance with every new vehicle? Most luxury OEMs don't include this benefit — f they do, it's typically just one service.

Volvo Cars Luxury SUVs

A little earlier, we spoke about a novel feature that made Volvo Cars a luxury brand. But over the years, a lot of our customers have told us that they define luxury as size and capability. So if that's your criteria, then the dawn of our luxurious SUVs began about 20 years ago with our flagship Volvo XC90. This vehicle offers 3rd-row seating, keyless entry, keyless start, leather seating, a panoramic roof, and so much more. But what about the latest additions to our luxurious SUV lineup? Let's take a closer look.

Our new Volvo XC60 SUVs offer another interpretation of family-sized capabilities and comforts. The Volvo XC60 is our midsized SUV model and boasts an onboard personal assistant courtesy of Google. Imagine running your daily errands only to be delayed by traffic. Ask google to call ahead to the theater and place your tickets on hold, at will-call, or whatever else you might need. Your Volvo XC60 can do it. She's designed, as they all are, to anticipate and fulfill your every need.

Our most compact SUV, the luxurious new Volvo XC40 can do something her larger stablemates cannot: drive completely emission-free. Some people associate luxury with technology. In that respect, the award-winning Volvo XC40 drives the brand's future and EV mobility. With an impressive all-electric range and a sports-car shaming 402 horsepower, the Volvo XC40 is anything but diminutive.

Is Volvo Cars a Luxury Brand & More FAQs

We hope that by this point, you're picking up a theme that we believe makes Volvo Cars a luxury brand. We anticipate and deliver on your needs without you having to do much extra. By sliding behind the wheel of any of our luxurious vehicles, you immerse yourself in a brand that has thought of everything. And with anticipation in mind, we're sure you might have some additional questions. Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions in our showroom:

When did Volvo Cars become a luxury brand?

We believe that convenience is the ultimate luxury — the features and benefits that make life easier are the ones we rave about. But in terms of the standard of luxury that most of the industry adheres to, Volvo Cars began enhancing comfort as early as the 1930s with the introduction of leather seating as early as the 1960s.

Is Volvo Cars more luxurious than Lexus?

We certainly think so. Our vehicles all have standard adaptive headlights, easy entry, keyless start, leather seats, smartphone connectivity, robust ADAS driver's safety (with a few brand-exclusive features), and 3yr/36k miles of complimentary service. Most of those features are upgrades in the Lexus brand, and only your first service visit is on the house.

What is the luxury version of Volvo Cars?

The wonderful thing about all Volvo Cars models is that they all offer you a healthy dose of luxury, standard. Standard genuine leather. Standard adaptive LED lighting. Standard Volvo Valet. Our model trims are merely different interpretations of luxurious style. However, our trim with the highest dollar amount across all models is the Inscription. In models with the Inscription trim, luxury is taken many steps further.

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