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You love your Volvo vehicle, and part of expressing that love is making sure it gets new Volvo tires for sale when it needs them. In some cases, your car will tell you when there is a problem. The tire pressure symbol on the dashboard should illuminate if your tires are underinflated. If you utilize the Volvo On Call app, you may receive reminders of your maintenance schedule.

However, you should also keep a vigilant watch for signs of something wrong. Making sure you have tires in good condition improves your driving experience and boosts safety. Here are some indications you should schedule service for your Volvo car.

How Often Do You Need Tire Repair?

The tread on your tires will naturally wear with time. However, you can take certain steps to make sure it wears evenly, including getting tire rotations, tire balancing, and wheel alignments as necessary. You can find guidelines for when to seek these services in your car's owner's manual. However, it depends heavily on your car model, driving conditions, and driving habits.

Get a tire rotation if you notice uneven wear distribution or if your car vibrates or shimmies more than usual as you drive. Our factory-certified technicians will switch your tires around - for example, we will move the front tires to the back and vice versa, while also switching them left to right, in FWD vehicles - to balance the wear out.

Uneven wear and vibration could also signal that you need tire balancing, a process by which our professionals will add tiny weights to the tires to even out distribution.

Wheel alignment is often necessary after you hit a pothole, as it can cause your car to pull to the left or right when you are trying to drive straight, in addition to causing uneven tire wear. Punctures can sometimes be fixed with tire repair but often require replacement.

When Should You Start Looking Into Volvo Tires for Sale?

If you keep up with tire rotation & balance services and drive under normal conditions, your tires can last up to six years or so. However, you should get new tires for sale regardless of what the calendar says if the treads are 2/32" deep or less or if there is an obvious crack or bulge in the sidewall.

Tires are crucial for keeping us safe on the roads by providing traction that helps bring us to a stop, which is especially important if the surface is slick. While we have a certified Volvo collision center, preventative care is always better than having to deal with the aftermath of an accident.

Visit Our Service Department in Hampton, VA, for New Tires

If your car needs new tires, we'll take care of it - and then some. We can easily identify the right Volvo tire size and type for your vehicle to get you back on the road again quickly. Since we also know Volvo vehicles like the backs of our hands, we can also take care of other needed services, like brake pad replacements, using Volvo OEM parts. Other places near Newport News, VA, may use aftermarket products that aren't designed for your specific make and model.

Don't delay stopping by just because you are worried about a Volvo tire's price. As you should often try to replace all four tires at once so that they all spin at the same speed for increased driving control, we run regular Volvo incentives & offers to help. We want to earn your trust, and that means providing top-quality, attentive services at competitive prices and prioritizing your safety above all else. Call today to schedule an appointment.