2024 Volvo V60 For Sale Near Newport News, VA

The Bold and Stylish Volvo V60 Luxury Wagon

The new Volvo V60 for sale here at Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton is a sleek and muscular luxury station wagon that offers drivers a spacious interior and excellent gas mileage. The station wagon is an American icon. Driving one of these vehicles allows you to enjoy your piece of the American dream. We're pleased that Volvo Cars has kept this type of automobile alive in the age of the SUV. With that said, the 2024 Volvo V60 Cross Country for sale takes some of its styling cues from the SUV, meaning it is rugged and dependable.

Adventure Calls for the Volvo V60

The new Volvo V60 for sale is available in two configurations: the mild-hybrid Volvo V60 Cross Country and the plug-in hybrid Volvo V60 Recharge Polestar Engineered. As noted, the Volvo V60 Cross Country takes some of its cues from modern SUVs. It has raised suspension, for example, which allows it to handle bumpy back roads with verve that few drivers would expect of a station wagon. The vehicle uses the B5 AWD powertrain. It comprises a 48-volt mild-hybrid system and a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which combine to make 247 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque.

The 2024 Volvo V60 Recharge Polestar Engineered, on the other hand, does not have raised suspension. This vehicle boasts a specialized chassis, refined brakes, and tight handling. With its 455-horsepower powertrain, the car can leap from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds. It achieves this stunning performance by pairing an 18.8-kWh battery-and-motor system with a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to output 455 horsepower and 523 pound-feet of torque.

Both versions of our 2024 Volvo V60 for sale near Newport News, VA, get excellent fuel economy ratings. The Volvo V60 Cross Country gets an EPA-estimated 23/30/26 MPG (City/Highway/Combined).1 Drivers who opt for the plug-in hybrid model will enjoy an EPA-estimated 74 MPGe (Combined).2 The Volvo V60 battery and engine combination on the Recharge model can help you save at the pump while still being quite fun to drive. Drivers who are interested in a larger vehicle should consider our new 2024 Volvo V90 for sale.

2024 Volvo V60 Trim Levels

The new Volvo V60 is available in two trims as a mild hybrid and with one trim level for the Recharge model. Plenty of common features exist across the different trims, including standard Volvo V60 AWD. The entry-level mild-hybrid model, the Volvo V60 Cross Country Plus, comes with leather upholstery, lime wood interior decor, heated front seats, and a two-zone climate control system. The vehicle is comfortable and spacious. You can fit 22.5 cubic feet of stuff into the Volvo V60 cargo space or 60.5 cubes with the back seats folded down.

Upgrading to the Ultimate trim offers front seat ventilation, a premium speaker system, and the Volvo Graphical Heads-Up Display. This futuristic feature projects directions and other key vehicle information onto the bottom portion of your windshield. In addition to stunning your passengers, this technology allows you to stay on course without having to take your eyes off the roads in Hampton, VA.

The 2024 Volvo V60 Recharge Polestar Engineered has many of the same creature comforts found on the Ultimate version of the mild-hybrid model. It also boasts the specialized Polestar Engineered Öhlins Chassis and racetrack-ready brakes that offer incredible performance potential. Drivers who want to command more than 450 horsepower with great fuel economy should consider this version of our new Volvo V60 for sale.

The team at our dealership is proud to offer new Volvo cars and SUVs to our community near Newport News, VA. We can answer your questions about these sleek vehicles, whether they're related to the Volvo V60 colors or our compelling Volvo V60 lease offers. Visit us in Hampton, VA, to test drive our new Volvo V60 for sale.


What engine is in the 2024 Volvo V60?

The mild-hybrid Volvo V60 model uses the B5 AWD powertrain, which pairs a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system for 247 horsepower. The plug-in hybrid Volvo V60 Recharge uses the T8 eAWD powertrain. It mates an 18.8-kWh battery-and-motor system to a supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine for 455 horsepower.

Does the new Volvo V60 require premium gas?

The 2024 Volvo V60 has a high-performance engine that requires gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. While this premium fuel costs a bit more than 87-octane gas, it's worth the expense: the Volvo V60 gets superb gas mileage and offers compelling performance. Please reach out to our team at Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton if you have questions about the 2024 Volvo V60.

Is the new Volvo V60 rear wheel drive or all wheel drive?

The 2024 Volvo V60 comes standard with all-wheel drive, whether you purchase the mild-hybrid model or the plug-in hybrid Volvo V60 Recharge. All-wheel drive offers you a better connection to the road, allowing for a more engaging driving experience. If you decide to take your new luxury wagon off the beaten path, you'll be pleased by the standard all-wheel drive.