Volvo's Cyclist Detection System: Making The Road Safer for Biking

The United States celebrates National Bike Month each May, and droves of cyclists take to the roads of American cities. Whether individuals are using bicycles as a healthy and ecologically friendly way to make their daily commute to and from work or simply going for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, Bike Month kicks off high season for riding bikes. Warmer weather and longer hours of sunlight draw more people outdoors, and riding a bicycle is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States.

What does that mean for drivers? It means increased caution and attention are required. An ideal scenario would be a wide, paved, well-lit bike path that is separate and distinct from vehicular traffic, on which cyclists can ride with proper lights, reflectors, and helmets while staying safe from collisions with cars. But in reality, designated bike lanes and paths are not always available. Cyclists often have no choice but to ride on the road alongside cars and SUVs. And when it's dark or there's rush hour traffic, and when cyclists and drivers alike may neglect to signal a turn or stop completely at a stop sign in their hurry to reach their destination, it's an accident waiting to happen.

Enter Volvo. After reviewing traffic statistics that show that nearly 50 percent of all cyclist deaths in Europe were caused by collisions with cars, the Swedish manufacturer decided to take action. They've put their money where their mouth is and further upheld their reputation for innovative safety features by introducing a cyclist detection system. This system detects when a cyclist swerves out in front of a car and both warns the driver and immediately applies auto-braking if a collision is unavoidable.

The system works by using a sonar-like sensor system to continually scan and assess the area in front of the car while a central control unit continuously processes the data received from the sonar. Additionally, a radar unit in the grille of the car detects objects and determines how far away they are from the front of the car while a camera attached to the rear-view mirror categorizes the detected objects as cyclists -- or pedestrians, or other cars.

Cyclist detection is currently being rolled out for the Volvo V40, V60, V70, S60, S80, XC60, and XC70. Combined with pedestrian detection, which Volvo introduced in 2010, cyclist detection is another hugely innovative safety feature from Volvo. And with warm weather just getting started and more and more pedestrians and cyclists heading out in the evenings, their timing couldn't be better.

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