The Complex Nature of Your Car's Braking System and What You Must Know About Brake Service

Here at Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton, it is very important to us that our car buyers are safe. We recommend that every car owner understand the basics of how a braking system works. You should also be able to recognize when your car needs brake service.

A car's braking system is complex. It has many different parts, and all of them must function in order for your car to stop. The brake pads, rotors, fluid lines, and other parts all work together. A problem with any of these parts can lead to bigger problems if you neglect brake service. Never delay service if you have reason to believe any part of your car's brake system needs repair.

Now might be a good time to schedule your brake service with our car care center here in Hampton, VA. We can inspect your brakes for wear, check the brake fluid levels and lines, and make any recommendations for repair.

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