Why You Want to Buy an SUV

If you’ve ever considered buying an SUV, you’re part of a large group of people who feel exactly the same way. At Wynne Volvo Cars of Hampton, we want you to purchase your next vehicle based on an informed decision and because you know you’re getting what you want and need in a vehicle. We have some great reasons on why an SUV just might be the perfect vehicle for you and your family.

SUVs can provide a very comfortable ride on the highway and are often safer than cars during accidents. They can also hold up to 8 or 9 people, depending on the model. They’re great vehicles for towing, off-roading and taking your dog with you on vacation. Many of the newer SUVs also get very good gas mileage.

Pay us a visit at our Hampton, VA store and check out what we have on hand and take the vehicle of your choice out for a test drive.

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