High Tech Safety: Innovative Safety Features from Volvo

Volvo is famous for having numerous airbags, whiplash-resistant headrests, and reinforced cabin structures to make their vehicles extra safe and secure. But are you familiar with some of their newer features? While some of the most high-tech features are still optional, the following great features are standard on all new Volvo models.

Adaptive Brake Light: When you're driving faster than 30 mph, the adaptive brake light system activates and recognizes the difference between regular braking and "panic" braking. If the system detects that you are "panic" braking, it will start to flash all of your brake lights at a rate of four times per second, providing an alert to drivers behind you.

City Safety: City Safety is an auto brake support system that is designed to help new Volvo drivers avoid or mitigate collisions when driving at low speeds, such as stop-and-go Hampton Roads traffic. When driving at speeds up to approximately 30 mph, City Safety uses a laser sensor that monitors the space twenty feet in front of the car. If it senses that there is an impending collision and the driver isn't taking appropriate action to avoid an accident, City Safety can automatically apply pressure to the brakes, which can help to lessen the damage from an accident. It deactivates at speeds less that 2 mph, avoiding added stress for drivers when parking.

IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System): Based on technology found in fighter jets, IDIS is an integrated technology that constantly monitors the driving situation. To keep drivers from being distracted in high-stress driving situations, IDIS will temporarily hold off on delivering non-essential information to the vehicle's onboard systems.

Combined with their numerous other safety features, these innovations show Volvo's continued commitment to making the road safer for everyone in Hampton Roads.

By Brian Wynne
Categories: News
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