Volvo Autonomous Parking. Can Your Car Park Itself?

Volvo's new autonomous parking system means that you may not have to waste time driving around looking for a parking spot ever again.

Here's how it works: The driver of a new Volvo stops in a designated drop-off zone and uses a smartphone app to tell the car to go park itself. The driver is dropped off and the car drives away on its own to find a parking spot. When the driver is done with his or her errand, he or she then uses the same smartphone app to summon the car to a designated pick up zone -- which may or may not be the same as the drop-off zone if the driver has moved to a different location -- and the car then drives itself to come pick the driver up.

The goal is that the Volvo will be able to park itself without any danger of colliding with pedestrians, structural fixtures, or other vehicles. Volvo's existing ultrasound and laser-based City Safety collision detection system will be further enhanced with radar and an improved camera system, all wired up to a computer within the vehicle -- so this self-parking feature will primarily utilize a set of sensor features that is already designated to become standard in all new Volvo vehicles next year.

Because the infrastructure and communications protocols within parking lots and garages haven't yet been established, autonomous parking is still a few years away from becoming a standard feature. But it definitely looks like the days of hunting for a parking space are numbered.

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By Brian Wynne
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